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Santa Sleigh Collections.

This year, Shepshed Lions Club held their annual Santa Sleigh Collections. However, this year was slightly different due to circumstances beyond our control. Some members were ill and could not help to collect the funds and it was necessary to do the best that we could, with the resources available to us. It was different this year but it was still successful and as President of the Club, I would like to thank all of the members and volunteers who helped to raise funds for local good causes. It is increasingly difficult to undertake this large event. We are an ageing membership (many of us are Senior Citizens) but we try our best. We have tried desperately to recruit younger members with little success, and also to recruit volunteers from our fantastic community to help us manage the larger events such as the Annual Charity Carnival and Santa Sleigh collections. This again was very limited in success. If you were disappointed with what we were able to do this year, we apologise, but it is beyond our control. We did, however, raise a large amount of funds that will be spent in our community for charitable good causes. We would like to thank everyone who donated to this project and promise you that we will always do our best for you, the fantastic and supportive residents of Shepshed. We greatly appreciate what you do to support us.